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Update your biography and photo. Submit your (180 -200 word bio and a color professional headshot). I you are resubmitting for someone who has been included, please make sure you have their correct contact information. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL YOUR CORRECTIONS.

Commemorate your inclusion with our elegant custom plaque, designed to grace the walls of your office or home with distinction. This exquisite piece showcases the prestigious cover of the Louisiana Leading Ladies publication from 2020-23, encapsulating the essence of your achievements. Expertly crafted, the plaque is mounted on a high-quality Black Wood backdrop measuring 12 x 15 inches, exuding sophistication. The finishing touch of gold foil accents adds a touch of luxury to the design. Your thoughtfully presented biography serves as a captivating narrative of your journey and accomplishments. With its timeless beauty and meticulous craftsmanship, this plaque is a testament to your success, inspiring admiration and leaving a lasting impression.

Elegant Commemorative Leaders Wall Plaque

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