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Welcome to the “Louisiana Leading Ladies” publication, where a diverse blend of community-oriented, business and service-driven conscious leaders are being celebrated, and their journeys revealed!  


Only in our publication will readers have the luxury of discovering the trials and triumphs of our State’s most highly respected female state leaders, community servants, business owners, and ministers.  This book serves the public as it honors those who empower and influence communities. 


We appreciate your interest in “Louisiana Leading Ladies,” and hope you will be inspired to serve the needs of others, just as the leaders featured in our book so graciously exemplify.  



Celeste M. Payne

Baton Rouge Publisher



“Louisiana Leading Ladies”” celebrates the contributions of women leaders who have made a distinct positive impact in their communities, state and the nation.



“Louisiana Leading Ladies” is a book that honors and memorializes modern day community leaders who exemplify excellence in leadership by empowering and
influencing communities.


“Louisiana Leading Ladies” endeavors to celebrate worthy deeds and service that traditionally have been overlooked and gone unapplauded.


“Louisiana Leading Ladies” empowers its readers through the biographical sketches of the women leaders represented, therefore encouraging them to maximize their service in their respective communities and areas of influence.

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